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Greetings, thank you for stopping by. My name is Gomez, I'm the new owner of GWTWstreetwear.com. The founder, Jacky, has been a great inspiration to me to make sure this label thrives and survives. I firmly believe in and GWTW will continue to support the cause for Social Justice in our society. Please, remember every time you make a purchase here, a donation is made to supporting equality and equal access for all.

Thank you again for visiting.



As an admirer and follower of hip hop culture, different cultures, exotic designs, and streetwear, having my own streetwear brand has always a dream of mine. Over the last couple of years I began to notice how some of the most hype streetwear was going for hundreds and even thousands, and mostly unattainable. Aside from that, I noticed a gap in product quality, as well as the designs that had a deeper meaning to them. The vision was to blend the street fashion styles of American hip hop culture and Asian Streetwear to bring forth unique and high-quality clothing. I created GWTW Streetwear with the mindset of being allergic to the status quo basic principles in mind of: affordability, uniqueness, and philanthropy. The meaning of Gone With the Wind is our respectful and subtle way of saying that the current designs, quality, prices, business practices, and streetwear stigmas are going to disappear here: gone with the wind.


We are proudly re-launching our store. Despite these difficult times, we were able to overcome challenges to able to launch, and hope our designs can bring strength and hope to the world. 


We are proudly opening our store with over 100 unique and high quality items. Our current offerings include tees, t-shirts, pants, shorts, and hoodies. Designs range from having meaning messages to being trendy and innovative; customers are guaranteed to find a design for them, whether they are a fashion icon, skater, dancer, student, or just an enthusiast. In the distant future we plan on expanding our collection by adding to those categories as well as items such as windbreakers, coats, bombers, etc. We pride ourselves on being affordable and that is why we offer no products priced over $100.



We are based in the Bay Area, one of the most influential cities in street fashion. Our store; however, is 100% online as we operate as an e-commerce business in order to minimize the costs of owning a physical store and being direct to consumer. We are always sourcing for the best products to bring to our customers. The products and designs you see have been worked on for years and with a multitude of professional designers.


We strive to be as transparent as we can. Our GWTW Gravity Pants collection is now shipping from California, USA. In the past to keep costs and pieces affordable we are partnered directly with a production and fulfillment team in China, the same country and the same cities that make clothing for big brands like Nike, Lululemon, Levis, and Bape. This allows us to provide you with the absolute best value for the dollar with lower product and shipping costs. Our production and fulfillment partners are one of the best and produce and package nothing but high-end level prod it’s. As we grow as a brand, we hope to be able to have our fulfillment in the U.S. to bring faster shipping times. In the meantime thank you for your support and patience, and be rest assured that our quality is still top natch, which is why we confidently offer our free 15 day return/exchange. 

In addition, we offer a Loyalty Program which is free and allows members to earn points to redeem as discounts for signing up, sharing, and purchasing. Our items are also on sale year long as we do not believe in charging retail price to make our streetwear accessible and affordable. Major sales and deals throughout the year are also a guarantee. Finally, we are most proud of our donation program where we donate a partition of each sale(no cost for the customer) to a cause or group of the customer's choice. It is our way of walking the talk and doing something no other streetwear brand does: being streetwear with a cause.